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About Us:
Mail sonic is a web-based email marketing solution and business communications service and technology.

We offer comprehensive email list management, user-friendly newsletter and campaign creation, multilingual support, absolute highest rates of email deliverability, full anti-spam compliance and ISP relations management, and advanced campaign tracking and analysis to enable greater optimization of email and a higher return on investment.

Whatever your uses of email communications - to maintain customer relationships, promote your business, facilitate sales and cross-sales -
Mail sonic is the perfect partner for getting your message across.
Creation and dispatch of newsletters
  • Sending text- and HTML e-mail messages

  • Personalization of newsletters

  • Time-delimited send function

  • Personalize newsletters with database links

  • Time-controlled sending function

  • Designed HTML templates available

  • User-friendly WYSIWYG editor for creating newsletters

  • Preview and review mail before sending

  • Management of newsletter categories …

  • Unlimited number of customer groups (newsletter distribution list) and subscribers

  • Free choice of sender address and sender name per newsletter

  • Create and manage free newsletter categories

  • Newsletter archive on your own website

  • Fully automated and personalized follow-up mails

  • Fully automatic serial e-mails